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This Disney Themed Trivia Show will make your dreams come true

Do you daydream about becoming a Disney princess? Does your bucket list include a visit to all of the Disney parks? If so, we have the show for you!

This is the ultimate Disney quiz, chock full of Disney character questions, Disney movie trivia, and Disney park facts!
Our Disney trivia game is designed to keep your players enchanted well past the stroke of midnight. The package includes everything you need to run your show, including promotional flyers, a host script, and a PowerPoint presentation (pixie dust sold separately).So don’t be frozen, get tangled up in the fun today!

In your download, you will get

  • Printable answer pads
  • Printable Gamesheets
  • Scoresheet
  • Coupon for 20% off your first 3 months
  • Themed Trivia show
  • Corresponding PowerPoint presentation
  • Host script
  • Printable final question

Sample questions

[flex_showbutton product_id=”1″ name=”General Knowledge” price=”19.99″]
[flex_showbutton product_id=”2″ name=”Beer/Alcohol” price=”49.99″]
[flex_showbutton product_id=”6″ name=”Disney” price=”$59.99″]
[flex_showbutton product_id=”8″ name=”Harry Potter” price=”$59.99″]
[flex_showbutton product_id=”10″ name=”Movies” price=”49.99″]
[flex_showbutton product_id=”12″ name=”Seinfeld” price=”$59.99″]
[flex_showbutton product_id=”14″ name=”Sports” price=”49.99″]
[flex_showbutton product_id=”16″ name=”Star Wars” price=”$59.99″]
[flex_showbutton product_id=”17″ name=”80s Music” price=”$59.99″]
[flex_showbutton product_id=”18″ name=”Game of Thrones” price=”$59.99″]
[flex_showbutton product_id=”19″ name=”Holiday Movies” price=”$59.99″]
[flex_showbutton product_id=”20″ name=”Marvel” price=”$59.99″]
[flex_showbutton product_id=”21″ name=”Parks and Rec” price=”$59.99″]
[flex_showbutton product_id=”22″ name=”Stephen King Movies” price=”$59.99″]
[flex_showbutton product_id=”23″ name=”The Office” price=”$59.99″]
[flex_showbutton product_id=”24″ name=”The Walking Dead” price=”$59.99″]
[flex_showbutton product_id=”25″ name=”Back to the Future” price=”$59.99″]

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