Audio Equipment for Hosting Trivia Night

Before you start approaching potential clients, you will need to gather all of the equipment and tools necessary for running your Trivia Nights. This ensures you will be able to hit the ground running as soon as your first client signs on.


In order to host a professional Trivia Night, audio equipment is a must. Assuming you already have a laptop, this is the only large item you will need to purchase to start your side hustle. So, what sound equipment is necessary to make your Trivia Nights successful? Let’s break it down:

What audio equipment do I need?

The specific pieces of sound equipment you will need to run a Trivia Night are speakers, a mixer, and a microphone. Some venues may have their own audio equipment in-house. But, that’s not a guarantee, and it’s wise to have your own as a backup even at bars with their own system.


Having the right sound equipment will ensure that all teams can hear you clearly throughout the show. And, it will provide polish and legitimacy to your service.

Where can I purchase audio equipment?

Your Last Call Trivia Flex subscription includes the option to purchase an equipment package with all of the essentials for an affordable price. On your Dashboard, you will find a link to purchase a sound equipment package tailored specifically to your Trivia hosting needs.


The 120 watt sound system includes two speakers, a user-friendly mixer, and a microphone. And to top it off, ordering your equipment through the Flex site is as easy as the click of a button. You can pay using the credit card information saved under your monthly subscription information, and have the equipment delivered right to your door.

But, if you prefer to purchase your equipment elsewhere, that is an option as well. For example, audio equipment is available at online retailers such as Amazon, or brick and mortar electronic stores such as Best Buy.

Where can I find training for setting up my audio equipment?

In addition to the easy sound equipment ordering process, the Flex site also contains a short training video for setting up your equipment. 


This video, and other trainings, can be accessed from the Resources section of your account. This takes the guesswork out of the equipment selection and setup process. And in turn, it will streamline this step in setting up your Trivia Night side hustle.

Investing in the proper audio equipment will pay for itself hundreds of times over. It will establish the legitimacy of your Trivia Nights, ensure happy customers, and save you the hassle and headache of trying to project over a bar full of excited players. In other words, it’s an essential asset for your side hustle. So, be sure to take advantage of the option to purchase sound equipment through your Flex subscription.  It’s the easiest way to get a reliable set of equipment tailored to your needs!

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