How to write fun trivia questions for adults (50 Bonus Questions included)

Anyone can write a Trivia question. “Who was the first president of the United States of America?” Boom, done. The real challenge is writing a great question. That’s where our team of expert writers comes in. Here is their checklist for writing the best Trivia questions for adults. If you’re looking a complete list of questions skip to the end where we’ve included a set of 50 trivia questions that cover a variety of themes. Accurate Accuracy is the most important element of any Trivia question. No amount of creativity and uniqueness can make up for an incorrect answer. And

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Trivia Question – 80s Music Song lyrics

Question What song begins, “What’s the matter with the clothes I’m wearing…can’t you tell that your tie’s too wide…”?   Answer Click to Reveal the Answer It’s Still Rock and Roll to Me (Billy Joel) More 80s Music Trivia Questions

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Pay Off Your Student Loans the Fun Way

pay off your student loans Start a Trivia Night side hustle The Side Hustler ebook will tell you everything you need to know about how to start making that extra money. So you have an awesome college degree… And the debt to prove it. While it’s great to have the opportunity to be a college educated individual, the cost is often not so great. For recent college grads, the 9 to 5 doesn’t always cut it when it comes to paying those student loans on top of rent and bills. It sounds pretty bleak, we know, but it doesn’t have

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