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Ellen Wilshire
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When I’m not working, I’m probably exploring. Whether it be a trip to a new city, checking out a random thrift store, or finding something fun to do in Cincinnati, I love spending my time outdoors seeking out what life has to offer!
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Question What is the name of the gypsy girl with whom Quasimodo, the Hunchback of Notre Dame, fell in love?   Answer Click to Reveal the Answer Esmerelda More Disney Trivia Questions

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Question Who won an Academy Award for Best Actor for the role of Maximus Decimus Meridius?   Answer Click to Reveal the Answer Russell Crowe (Gladiator) More Movie Trivia Questions

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Question What was the name of Kramer’s cock fighting rooster on Seinfeld? Answer Click to Reveal the Answer Little Jerry (Seinfeld) More Seinfeld Trivia Questions

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Question Between 1978 and 1985, what toy company sold more than 300 million Star Wars action figures? Answer Click to Reveal the Answer Kenner More Star Wars Trivia Questions

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Thanks in large part to Pinterest and HGTV, the DIY trend is becoming an increasingly popular craze. From jewelry, to home decor, just about everyone is working on a personalized project these days. With the demand for boutique experiences ever increasing, more and more products and services are being created in-house- and Trivia Nights are no exception. Creating a DIY Trivia Night makes sense for a laundry list of reasons. In addition to saving money by using the resources you already have at your disposal, the benefits of creating a custom experience tailored to your customers cannot be overstated. While …

The Beginner’s Guide to DIY Trivia Night Read More »

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As you may have noticed, most articles about Trivia Night are focused on bars and restaurants. The reason for that is two fold. First, the biggest market for Trivia Nights is bars and restaurants. And second, these locations tend to offer recurring weekly Trivia, which means repeat revenue for you. Bars and restaurants are undoubtedly the biggest and most consistent money makers for most Trivia hosts. However, there is another significant opportunity to explore- offering Trivia for private events. Private events are a great way to fill out your schedule. They tend to be held at times outside of regularly …

Tips for hosting Trivia for Private Events Read More »

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When starting your Trivia Night side hustle, an important question to ask yourself as you interact with your first clients is, “What can I do to exceed their expectations?” By displaying genuine interest in delivering value with your Trivia Nights, you will establish a solid relationship with your first clients, which is the key to growing your side hustle. Of course, you can add more intricate features to your Trivia Nights as you expand your reach and resources. However, the best way to exceed customer expectations when starting out is to focus on delivering a custom experience, tailored to the …

Creating a Custom Trivia Night Experience Read More »

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There is no denying, in this era, social media is king. People are connected to their devices at all times. Which means constant interaction with friends, strangers, and businesses alike as they share their experiences and interests. With that being said, creating a social media presence to promote your Trivia Nights is a must. The exact platforms and strategies you use will vary based on your audience and potential clients. Below is a framework to provide a starting point for your social media accounts. Facebook Of the seemingly endless platforms to choose from, Facebook is the social media account you …

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What’s in a name? Let’s take that Shakespearean cliche and unpack what it means to your Trivia Night side hustle. What do you want to communicate? First and foremost, the name of your side hustle should represent the service you are offering to your clients. Using a name that incorporates key words related to your service cuts down on the amount of explaining needed to convey your offerings to potential clients. It is best to avoid initials or numbers in your business name, because these won’t mean anything to your potential customers. When naming your Trivia Night side hustle, the …

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Summer is here and the days are longer.  Want to draw those sunshine-seekers in to your establishment? Try shaking up your usual drink menu! Adding some irresistibly fresh and unique summer cocktails to your repertoire will not only entice people to spend time at your bar, but will get them coming back for more. Sweet Tea Sangria Combine two of the most refreshing staple summer drinks and what do you get? Sweet tea sangria. This cocktail is perfect for patio sipping and a fantastic way to keep guests relaxed during those warm summer evenings. Ingredients: 1 750-ml. bottle white wine, …

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