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Griffin Cain
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When it comes to being personally satisfied with my life, I’m not one for compromise. I think the best way to achieve personal fulfillment is by fueling your passions, and I’m constantly on the lookout for new people, places and experiences to energize me, both personally or professionally.
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trivia question general knowledge facial hair
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Question What style of facial hair did Civil War general Ambrose Burnside popularize?      Answer Click to Reveal the Answer Side Burns   More Trivia Questions

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Question The opposite of Regular stance, what snowboard style puts your right foot forward? Answer Click to Reveal the Answer Goofy(-foot) More Trivia Questions

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Question Which authority figure from the Harry Potter series shares his name with an 18th-century nickname for a bumblebee?    Answer Click to Reveal the Answer Dumbledore More Harry Potter Trivia Questions

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Spanning from 1920-1933, the age of Prohibition is ironically most closely associated with the bootleggers and speakeasies which rose in response to the nationwide ban on alcohol. One of the many unintended outcomes of Prohibition was the increase in popularity of cocktails. Between the occasional need to mask the flavor of a bad batch of bootlegged liquor, and the constant effort to stretch a little bit of alcohol a long way, the Prohibition-era put many of the most iconic cocktails on the map. Some of these cocktails can be found on almost any bar menu (Old Fashioned, Highball, Mojito, etc). However, there …

3 Prohibition Cocktails you need to Try Read More »

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Your Trivia Nights are booming- you have weekly Trivia Nights booked every day of the week, private event requests are rolling in, and your regular players are asking where else they can find your Trivia Nights. So what’s next? When you find your schedule maxed out and you’re in need of more manpower to expand your business, it’s time to start hiring new Trivia hosts. If your goal is to scale up your Trivia Night side hustle to a full time gig, it is inevitable that you will reach this point eventually. Hiring new hosts is an important task. They …

5 Traits of a Great Trivia Host Read More »

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As a Trivia host, you’ll probably find yourself reading the “vibe” of the room and making minor adjustments throughout the evening based on what you see. This intuition is a vital component to running a successful Trivia Night. However, don’t make the mistake of thinking that this is a substitute for feedback directly from the players and bar owner. Asking for feedback shows that you care about the experience of your audience and that you take your role seriously. It also helps build a relationship with the players, which in turn, creates a following for your Trivia Nights. At first, …

How to get and Use Feedback to Improve Service Read More »

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Trivia Nights are a great investment for bars. They bring in both new and repeat customers each week and create a community of loyal players. But, before the bar owner can enjoy the benefits of a Trivia Night, they have to make the decision to start one. As a side hustler, that’s where you come in. Even if you have previous sales experience, it is important to keep in mind that bar owners have a unique set of needs and characteristics. Given the nature of the bar and restaurant industry, it is likely that you will need to take a …

How to sell your Trivia to Bar Owners Read More »

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Now that you’ve branded your Trivia Night side hustle by selecting your name, it’s time to dig deeper and determine the purpose of your business. Creating a mission statement provides a roadmap for you (and any future employees) to follow. Your mission statement is the North Star that defines the ultimate goal of your side hustle. So, to create your mission statement, consider the following three questions: What service does your side hustle provide? This is the simplest step of defining your mission statement. If your side hustle will be focused solely on hosting Trivia Nights, then this portion doesn’t …

Selecting Your Side Hustle Mission Statement Read More »

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