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September 22, 2020 11:47 am

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Dave Gottlieb
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A large amount of what I enjoy about working for Last Call is the social aspect and the connection between the teams, the hosts and the bars. Whether other employees or teams that play Trivia, I have been introduced to many people who I now call friends.
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Question What Bacardi-owned liqueur is flavored with elderflowers? Answer Click to Reveal the Answer St-Germain More Alcohol Trivia Questions

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Question Which was the first of the 4 parks built at Walt Disney World resort in Orlando? Answer Click to Reveal the Answer Magic Kingdom More Disney Trivia Questions

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Question What General Mills brand corn chip snack’s slogan is “Other snacks are pointless,” pun intended?   Answer Click to Reveal the Answer Bugles   More Trivia Questions

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Question A statue of what movie character stands near the base of the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art?      Answer Click to Reveal the Answer Rocky Balboa More Movie Trivia Questions

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Question When scoring tennis, what word is traditionally used instead of the number zero? Answer Click to Reveal the Answer Love More Sports Trivia Questions

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Question Every Star Wars fan should know that the German word vater means what in English? Answer Click to Reveal the Answer Father     More Star Wars Trivia Questions

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When you think of scoring your Trivia Night, what comes to mind? Do you think of hand tallying points? Or, frantically typing scores into a calculator? Or, maybe even having a whole team of scorekeepers? Well, if you have nightmarish visions like the ones above, I have some great news. There is a much easier way to score Trivia Night. Last Call Trivia Flex includes an automated scoresheet, which handles all of the calculations for you. That means all you have to do is type in the wagers, and no more mid-game arithmetic is necessary! So, what are some tips …

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In any service industry, clients want to feel valued and appreciated. One of the best ways to show that you care about your clients outside of just their Trivia Night is to stay up to date on industry trends. By keeping yourself informed, you are able to position yourself as a business partner. This shows your clients that you offer value to them on every night of the week. There are a number of places you can find articles and information about the bar and restaurant industry. Below are the best ways to start on the path towards becoming an …

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Now that your Trivia Nights have taken off, let’s review some additional elements you can add to make your service even more unique. Offering a little something extra to your players will give your Trivia Nights a competitive advantage, and will make it easier to expand your business. You know your clients and crowds best. So, as with all other aspects of your Trivia Nights, select the option(s) that will appeal to them most. Or better yet, come up with a twist of your own creation! Below are some crowd favorites to consider adding to plus up your Trivia Nights. …

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By now, you’ve defined your brand, you have all of your equipment together, and you’re ready to start your first Trivia Night. How exciting! So, what is the secret to convincing your first client to take the leap? As a new Trivia provider, you need to establish legitimacy and show the value that your service brings. Negotiating rates should always be part of your selling process. However, you may need to pull out a few extra tricks to sell your first Trivia Night. So, what if you find a potential client needs an extra nudge to give your Trivia Nights …

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