Depending on the location and venue size, you can charge between $150-$300 per Trivia Night. That’s a nice paycheck for 2 hours of work!

Be in high demand

Unlike many other side hustles, the market for Trivia hosts is wide open. It’s yours for the taking!

Be the boss

You can make your own schedule and book Trivia Nights on whatever days of the week you want.

Save time

Build your show from scratch in our easy to use Show Builder or click one button to immediately generate a show based on our expert formula. ​

Have fun

By starting a Trivia Night side hustle, you have the unique opportunity to have a great time while you’re making great money.

Start Now

Last Call Trivia Flex give you access to all of the Trivia questions, training materials, marketing resources, and support you need to be successful.

How to Part Ways with Your Current Trivia Host

One of the hardest things about being a business owner is letting go of relationships that no longer fall in line with your day-to-day production. In this particular example, we are talking about parting ways with your current Trivia host. While this can be a daunting task, there are some best practices you can take to ensure a smooth transition. Give them fair notice Unless it’s an emergency, don’t let your host go with no warning. Essentially, you’ll want to give them a two weeks notice. This gives them plenty of time to process the news, as well as make

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$59 99 / MONTH

1 Show / month

Access to Show Builder

Help center access

A typical Trivia Night costs $150-300/night. Be sure to charge for the value you bring.


$179 99 / MONTH

5 Shows / month

Access to Show Builder

Help center access

One month of weekly Trivia Nights could generate $1,200 income or more.


$349 99 / MONTH

10 Shows / month

Access to Show Builder

Help center access

Hosts multiple times a week and make thousands of dollars. Want a custom plan?