Selecting Your Side Hustle Mission Statement

Now that you’ve branded your Trivia Night side hustle by selecting your name, it’s time to dig deeper and determine the purpose of your business. Creating a mission statement provides a roadmap for you (and any future employees) to follow. Your mission statement is the North Star that defines the ultimate goal of your side hustle.


So, to create your mission statement, consider the following three questions:

What service does your side hustle provide?

This is the simplest step of defining your mission statement. If your side hustle will be focused solely on hosting Trivia Nights, then this portion doesn’t need to be any more complicated than “host trivia shows.” But, what if you are planning on starting a more broad business of emceeing, offering a variety of entertainment options? In that case, your “what” portion may look more along the lines of “provide hosting services and entertainment.” 


After you’ve defined what service your side hustle will provide, you’re ready to start adding some color to your mission statement.

What will define your side hustle?

What do you want your Trivia Night side hustle to be known for?

Maybe it’s creating customized experiences, tailored to the specific needs of each venue. Or maybe it’s providing excellent customer service by consulting with your clients to provide suggestions.
Whatever your point of pride is, this is the place to call it out as the principle mission that all of your business decisions support.

What will your side hustle accomplish?

What is the “end-game” for your Trivia Night side hustle?


Some options here include “create a community of Trivia players,” or, “develop lasting relationships between players, business owners, and Trivia.”


In any case, this is your chance to build what motivates you most directly into the fabric of your business.

All together now!

You can now construct the mission statement for your Trivia Night side hustle, using the pieces above. As an example, let’s take the pieces “host trivia shows,” “create customized experiences,” and “develop a community of Trivia players.” A final, polished version of this mission statement would be “At XYZ Trivia company, we host Trivia Nights tailored to meet the needs of each audience, in order to foster an expanding community of trivia players.”

Now that you have a mission statement, it will be easier to make decisions for your side hustle based on whether they support your larger purpose. And as with all elements of your side hustle, your mission statement can reflect whatever vision you have for your business. Dream as big- or small- as you want!

Ready to get started?

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