Happy National Trivia Day!

Did you know that January 4th is National Trivia Day? In honor of our favorite holiday here at Last Call Trivia, here are four awesome pieces of trivia about… trivia!

Trivia Improves Memory

Playing Trivia engages the frontal cortex, the part of the brain responsible for memory processing. And just like any muscle, the more you work your brain, the stronger it gets!

Regularly playing can keep the mind sharp and alert. So, if you’re notorious for forgetting birthdays or anniversaries, maybe you just need to play more Trivia.

Trivia Enhances Cognition

Cognition is the mental process that allows people to learn and retain new information. The best way to improve cognition is through brain exercises. That’s where Trivia comes into play (no pun intended).

Trivia stretches the brain, asking players to recall information they don’t often use. It’s also a form of mental cross training, because it requires players to think both logically and creatively about a variety of categories. That’s right, Trivia is CrossFit for your brain.

Trivia Provides a Dopamine Rush

Knowing the correct answer to a question, especially an obscure one, gives players a thrill. In scientific terms, that feeling stems from a dopamine burst caused by winning.

This is similar to the high reported during gambling. But, Trivia comes with the added benefit of being a much lower risk activity. With Trivia, the most you stand to lose is a bar tab. And maybe some bragging rights.

Trivia Relieves Stress

Playing Trivia is a fun activity, and it usually takes place in a relaxed environment with a group of friends. Trivia Night is a safe haven from the fast-paced and high-pressure nature of society.

Between the lighthearted competition, laughter, and time spent with friends, Trivia is a great way to unwind. Think of your favorite Trivia spot as your own personal Cheers bar.

So from all of us here at Last Call Trivia, we want to wish you a Happy National Trivia Day! And if you’d like to enjoy the benefits of playing Trivia yourself, click here to learn more about our services.