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This show isn’t superstitious, but it is a little-stitious.



The office

Can you quote The Office all day long? Have you seen every episode more than once? If so, we have the show for you! This is the ultimate The Office quiz, chock full of The Office character questions, show trivia, and The Office facts! Our The Office Trivia game is designed to keep your players working hard (or hardly working?). The package includes everything you need to run your show, including promotional flyers, a host script, and a PowerPoint presentation. So don’t be a loser; it’s on like a prawn that yawns at dawn!



  • Printable Answer Pads
  • Printable Gamesheets
  • Scoresheet
  • Coupon For 20% Off Your First 3 Months
  • Themed Trivia Show
  • Corresponding PowerPoint Presentation
  • Host Script
  • Printable Final Question

Sample Questions


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